Videographer program

Apply to become one of the first Black Stock Footage videographer contributors for our beta stock footage platform that launches in early 2022.

If you are a freelance videographer or production company, apply to become a Black Stock Footage videographer for our beta stock footage platform that launches in early 2022. We welcome videographer professionals of all backgrounds, ethnicities, races, and genders to apply. An official invitation will be based on footage quality, storytelling capabilities, and videography theme.

BSF Videographer program Benefits

You Own The Rights
Your footage is completely yours to keep. There is no exclusivity so you can share it wherever you’d like.
Revenue Opportunity
Discover a new revenue stream in the stock footage licensing industry. Distribute your footage through us and through our partnerships with existing stock footage companies.
Empower The World
Let your footage empower video creators around the world to be more inclusive of Black representation.
Narratives From A Black Perspective
Every storyline is a sequence of video clips used to guide the narrative and tell a complete story of Black experiences.
Showcase Your Work
Together, we’ll showcase your work and highlight how you’re helping to increase Black representation in digital media through your stock footage.
Collective Community
Learn, grow, and let’s make history together through our community of passionate video creators.

A form submission does not guarantee a slot as an official Black Stock Footage videographer contributor.
The Black Stock Footage team will contact you if your application is approved.