Do I retain the stock footage rights?

Our stock footage platform is non-exclusive meaning you can use your footage wherever you want or can even resell on other platforms. You retain your copyrights and you own your work. Reusing footage already filmed is a topic we are still investigating due to model/talent release.

Are there more revenue opportunities available to video creators?

We are also working on an opportunity to sell the LUTS that you’ve created for your video clip storylines. This opportunity will allow you to make more money from each sale through a percentage split between you and Black Stock Footage. Customers can purchase your LUTS without being a subscriber to our platform. This can increase the opportunity for you to earn money from potential customers who are searching for LUTS, not clips. More information is coming soon.

How does compensation work?

When customers sign up, they pay a monthly fee to access and download an unlimited number of stock video clips. Once a customer views your storyline and decides to download some of your clips, we keep track of how many of your clips are uniquely downloaded by each specific customer.

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