About Black Stock Footage

We are a collective representation of global Black culture, curated by videographers who create cinematic videos to elevate Black voices, visuals, and stories.


We also want to empower people with a deeper awareness of the individual, societal, and global influence of Black cultures around the world.

Our stock footage will feature people who identify with the Black diaspora from North America, South America, Central America, the Caribbean, Asia, the Pacific Islands, Australia, Europe, and Africa. Black representation and visibility in markets across all industries are more important than ever. We use our stock footage platform as a tool to help diminish the stereotypes against Black people that are often portrayed in media, news, and films, while also empowering people with authentic visual imagery that showcases more Black representation in everyday activities, jobs, and experiences.

Imani Lee - Founder - Black Stock Footage.jpg

Founder + Chief Executive Officer

Imani Lee

"Since I was 16, I started a journey of self-discovery wanting to know my history, my ancestry, and my spiritual roots. I gravitated to videography as a tool to help me explore people's lives through different lenses. My camera allowed me to share the stories of the people I encountered. I wanted to create a platform for my people and their stories, perspectives, and experiences to be shared."

During his professional videography career, Imani noticed a lack of high-quality footage relating to Black experiences, activities, and cultures. Now, Imani has translated his passion for video production into a laser focused solution on developing Black Stock Footage into a major player in the stock footage industry to help increase Black representation in digital media.

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Zebrina Edgerton-Maloy - Co-Founder - Black Stock Footage.jpg

Co-Founder + Chief Communications Officer

Zebrina Edgerton-Maloy

"I've always been fascinated with how we all have our own story of triumphs, obstacles, joy, growth, and love. Sharing people’s authentic stories now drives my career and everything I do. I'm motivated to build a platform that explores the dynamic stories of our people: from traveling and living healthy lives to building successful businesses and growing our families. Being Black is a part of our everyday life, our stories, and our legacy.”

Zebrina is a communications specialist and former multimedia journalist who teamed up with Imani to craft and share impactful stories of Black people. Throughout her career, Zebrina has written stories about historic Black neighborhoods, mentorship programs in underrepresented communities, Black entrepreneurs, diversity in the workplace, and more. At Black Stock Footage, Zebrina wants to help explore and share the stories, talents, and cultures of Black people worldwide.

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