Media Kit

If you or someone you know would like to share about the Black Stock Footage campaign on a news publication, community platform, or social media, feel free to use our media kit that has all the key information you'd need!

The media kit linked below is a ZIP file that contains the full Black Stock Footage media kit, sample stock video clips, press releases (about the company, industry demand, and the founders), press photos, and media assets.

Company Summary


Black Stock Footage is a subscription-based platform offering unlimited downloads of story-driven stock video clips focused on Black representation. The company specializes in stock footage that highlights Black people, cultures, and activities.


We are empowering the current and next generation of content creators with better access to stock footage that amplifies Black representation.


To make Black representation more visible and accessible in digital media.


To create the largest stock footage platform representing Black people, activities, cultures, and phenotypes from around the world.

About Us

Black Stock Footage is a tech startup creating social impact through its melanin-focused stock footage platform to amplify Black representation in digital media. The company is a growing collective representation of Black people, cultures, and activities.

Our Company Story

Black Stock Footage was born out of the need to address the growing demand for more Black representation in digital media. Our company was crafted to educate and empower our customers with tools that provide a deeper sense of understanding and appreciation for Black representation. Video content creators are requesting more access to high-quality stock footage of Black people, cultures, and activities from around the world. We understood this niche business opportunity could be turned into a one-stop-shop resource for thousands of video creators, advertising agencies, and business owners across the world seeking more robust options of Black representation in stock footage for their video projects. Black Stock Footage is a digital advocate for Black representation and accomplishes this through visual learning and modern technology. Our goal is to help people discover the many hues, phenotypes, and experiences of Black people across the world.


Black Stock Footage is an early-stage tech startup established in 2021 and the company is based in Tampa Bay, Florida. Our team consists of the Founder Imani Lee and the Co-Founder Zebrina Edgerton-Maloy. Our expected beta launch is 2022 Q1. We are actively raising funds towards our goal of $50,000.

Unique Selling Proposition / Competitive Advantage

For video creators, we offer a stock footage platform focused on Black representation. Our subscription membership offers access to unlimited downloads of video clips that showcase the variety of hues, cultures, phenotypes, and activities of Black people, making Black representation easier to include in your video projects.

Social Impact

The social challenge Black Stock Footage addresses is the lack of Black representation in the digital media industry, specifically stock footage. Our solution combines modern technology and visual learning that creates opportunities for using the power of video to:

  1. Dispel cultural biases of what Black representation looks like in terms of hue, phenotype, and experiences

  2. Empower people with visual imagery that showcases more Black representation in everyday activities, jobs, and experiences

  3. Create better access and large scale visibility of Black representation in the digital media space

about our platform

Key Platform Features

Black Stock Footage is the #1 stock footage platform focused on Black people, cultures, and activities. We are empowering the next generation of content creators with access to stock footage that amplifies Black representation.

  • Unlimited downloads

  • Innovative search functions

  • Universal license

  • Storyline sequences

  • Graded footage

  • HD / 4K+ footage

Key Platform Benefits

  • Video clips are focused on Black representation for easier searching

  • Learn about different cultures, phenotypes, and hues within Black communities

  • Enhances your access to include Black representation in your video projects

  • Affordable cost-effective solution for video content creators


Black Stock Footage will feature a monthly subscription membership to its service. Subscription memberships will include unlimited licensing and full access to Black Stock Footage’s royalty-free video clip library. We want to ensure that high-quality stock footage of Black people is accessible and affordable for video creators across across multiple industries.

Our Press Releases

The Black Stock Footage team has crafted several press releases to make it easier for journalists, bloggers, writers, and editors to cover the launch of our campaign.

about our Founders

Imani Lee

Founder + Chief Executive Officer

  • LinkedIn

Imani is a professional videographer, photographer, and entrepreneur. In 2016, Imani graduated from the University of South Florida with a Bachelor of Arts in Mass Communications with a minor in Entrepreneurship. During his four years at USF, Imani held several internships including at USF Athletics filming live collegiate sports games, Walt Disney World in the communications field, and at a leading video production company in Tampa.


Upon graduating, he worked as a digital media producer for Hillsborough County Government for four years, specializing in promotional videos, mini-documentaries, and event coverage all related to local county government affairs. While working for the County, he obtained his MBA from National Louis University. After obtaining his MBA, Imani founded a micro-creative agency in 2020 called Imani Lee Creative. He specialized in video contention creation for state, local, and city government agencies, non-profits, and small businesses. In addition, his talents led him to create video content in different categories including wedding films, music videos, event promos, and celebrity vlogs.


During his professional videography career, Imani noticed a lack of high-quality footage relating to Black experiences, activities, and cultures. Now, Imani has translated his passion for video production into a laser focused solution on developing Black Stock Footage into a major player in the stock footage industry to help increase Black representation in digital media.

Zebrina edgerton- maloy

Co-Founder + Chief Communications Officer

  • LinkedIn

Zebrina is a communications specialist and former multimedia journalist. In 2016, Zebrina graduated from Washington and Lee University with a Bachelor of Arts in Journalism. During her undergraduate career, Zebrina interned with CBS News/CBS This Morning, NBC News’ WFLA-TV, United Way, and the Office of Communications and Public Relations at her alma mater.


Upon graduation, Zebrina became a professional multimedia journalist where she covered news, politics, diversity, and entrepreneurial stories for several news publications. The Society of American Business Editors and Writers awarded Zebrina as one of 2016 Best in Business Winners for her collaborative work with a three-person journalism team.


Currently as a communications specialist, she uses integrated marketing communications to build brand value through storytelling. Zebrina has worked with the government agency and local children’s board Juvenile Welfare Board, Best Buddies, and a leading tech accelerator program in Tampa. She is also a John S. Knight Media Ethics Fellow and QuestBridge Scholar.


Zebrina has joined Black Stock Footage as the Chief Communications Officer to further drive innovation through creative and impactful storytelling. Zebrina is motivated to use the Black Stock Footage platform to help explore and share the stories, talents, and cultures of Black people across the world.

creative Assets

Below, we have provided the Black Stock Footage logo files, media assets, and sample video clips. The Black Stock Footage logo features a bold letter “B” with a play button embedded, together signifying the bold beauty of the Black people represented throughout our stock footage platform.


The video clips featured in the Black Stock Footage library will feature the dynamic range of melanin through cinematic, story-driven videos of Black people, activities, cultures, and phenotypes. Our footage showcases the authentic experiences of everyday Black people across different socioeconomic and cultural backgrounds.

Our customers

Our Subscribers

Our customers profile will range from video production agencies to freelance video content creators who produce an array of digital media video content.


Black Stock Footage customers will include:

  • Video Content Creators

  • Multimedia Journalists

  • Influencers and Social Media Strategists

  • Filmmakers (Fictional and Documentaries)

  • Freelance Videographers and Video Editors

  • Startups, Entrepreneurs, and Small Business Owners

  • Marketing, Advertising, and Public Relations Agencies

  • Video Production Agencies

  • Government Agencies (Communication and Digital Media Departments)

  • News/Media Networks

  • Colleges and Universities (Communication and Digital Media Departments)

Our Contributors

Our contributors are videographers, cinematographers, and video creators who film video clips that subscribers can download. They are professional and experienced in their crafts.


Black Stock Footage contributors will include:

  • Videographers

  • Cinematographers

  • Video Content Creators

  • Indie Filmmakers


22% Of Advertisers Are Using More Diverse Visuals

22% of advertisers have started to use more racially diverse visuals in their campaigns. 55% stated that the change was aligned with wanting to represent modern-day society.

Source: PerformanceIN

$197M Stock Video Market Growth

The stock video market is poised to grow by $197 million USD during 2020-2024. This is a Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) of nearly 6% during the forecast period.

Source: Technavio \ Business Wire

9 in 10 Gen X & Millennial Believe Representation Helps Brand Reputation

Generation X (91%) and Millennial (92%) marketers believe they are expected to use more diverse representation in their advertising campaigns. 88% of Generation X and 90% of Millennials believe that this helps a brand’s reputation.

Source: Shutterstock

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