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is stronger than ever

What Industry Leaders Are Saying About

Black Representation In Digital Media, Film & Advertising

"Diversity Impacts Brands' Bottom Lines"

"Most Americans (61%) find diversity in advertising important. In fact, 38% of consumers said they are more likely to trust brands that show more diversity in their ads... This means a brand’s bottom line can be impacted by its willingness or unwillingness to include diversity within its advertising campaigns."

Source: Adobe Inc.'s 2019 Diversity in Advertising Study

"$10 Billion In Revenue On The Table Each Year"

"By stifling Black talent throughout the film and TV industry ecosystem—and at every step of the content-development process—Hollywood is leaving at least $10 billion in revenue on the table each year. Achieving racial equity will make the film and TV sector more just and more profitable."

Source: McKinsey & Company

To Enter Diverse Markets, Brands Must Be Diverse

"69% of Black consumers say they are more likely to purchase from a brand whose advertising positively reflects their race/ethnicity [in advertising]... If you seek to enter diverse markets, your organization must become the market you seek."

Source: Google's Think With Google

Ads Can Reinforce Racial Stereotypes Or Change It

"Advertising has the power to reinforce racial stereotypes or to help change them. For decades the ad industry has failed to represent Black Americans both within the workforce and in the ads we create. Brands and agencies (this one included) need to do better - hiring and promoting to leadership roles to shape the work, representing race accurately and consistently in advertising, positively reflecting Black culture, amplifying Black stories and taking a loud stance against racism."

Source: Burns Group

Gen X & Millennials Want More Diversity In Ads

"Nine in ten of Generation X (91%) and Millennial (92%) marketers believe they are expected to use more diverse representation in their campaigns, and 88% of Generation X and 90% of Millennials believe that this helps a brand’s reputation."

Source: Diversity Journal

Little Progress Made In Representing Black Voices

"After decades of well-intentioned diversity & inclusion efforts, we have seen little progress in making Black voices a more representative part of the creative process... Black professionals in advertising demand urgent action from agency leadership."

Source: 600 And Rising

Black Adults Less Likely To Feel Represented In Ads Than White Peers

"Black adults are less likely than their white peers to feel as if they and their communities are represented in promotional content such as ads.

32 percent of Black consumers said they don’t believe they’re represented “much” or “at all” in marketing materials, while 46 percent said they only see people like themselves represented some of the time."

Source: Morning Consult

Companies Need to Practice What They Preach

"Subtle racist and gendered stereotypes are common in adverts around the world. Companies paying for advertising need to change by practicing what they preach. This means that they need to follow through and act on their recent messages of solidarity."

Source: The Conversation

Ads Need A "Wider Range of Skin Tones"

"We don’t see a lot of dark-skinned black people represented in media, and certainly not in advertising... Brands need to cast actors with a wider range of skin tones to more fully represent the Black community... The more diverse the content is, the more people get to see it, and the more it is appreciated and recognized."

Source: Morning Consult

Representation Drives Purchases & Brand Loyalty

"When brands do address representation, it has a range of positive effects, including helping to drive purchases and loyalty. Some 59% of consumers polled said they are more loyal to brands that stand for diversity and inclusion in online advertising, and 59% also said they prefer to buy from brands that stand for diversity and inclusion in online advertising."

Source: Facebook For Business

Lack of Authentic Black Representation

"Black people in advertising appear mostly as athletes, in hair care ads, or in the form of interracial couples rather than in relationships with Black partners. Some said they felt Black actors were being cast in ways that didn’t ring as authentic, being slapped into “white-washing” situations and roles as tokens. An overwhelming number of responses said that most Black people seen in advertising have light skin tones, and that seeing dark skin is rare."

Source: AdWeek

Higher Ad Recall For Ads With More Representation

"Online campaigns with more diverse representation tend to have higher ad recall compared with campaigns featuring a single traditional representation. And in more than 90% of the simulations we ran, diverse representation was the winning strategy for ad recall lift."

Source: Facebook For Business