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With the help of the community, we are officially launching the first Black Stock Footage fundraising campaign to raise $50,000. The funds will be used for:

  1. 50% of funds will be used towards funding and growing our first beta-stage stock footage website platform with our web developers

  2. 40% of funds will be used towards launching our marketing campaigns to raise company awareness, brand recognition, and publicity about our initiatives to increase Black representation in digital media

  3. 10% of funds will be used towards administrative, accounting, and legal costs to start enrolling videographer contributors, opening our platform to content creator subscribers, and expanding the Black Stock Footage strategic partnerships



Stock video clips showcasing everyday Black life

About Black Stock Footage

Black Stock Footage is a stock video platform designed for digital creators searching for HD / 4K video clips showcasing different ages, professions, and activities of Black people.  Our melanin-focused stock footage licensing platform offers a creative solution for videographers to upload high-quality footage of Black people and for content creators to download video clips featuring the Black experience for their commercials and video projects.


People and companies are demanding better access to content that showcases Black people, but there is not enough supply of this content in the stock footage industry. Video content creators do not have adequate access to a variety of high-quality video clips that highlights Black people and cultures.

  1. Lack of Visibility: Black people need more authentic visibility in mainstream media.

  2. Not Enough Access: There currently isn't a central platform that provides access to high-quality video clips of Black people. Video content creators need more access to a variety of visuals and stories that represent Black people.

  3. Stereotypical Storytelling: A lot of stock footage currently available of Black people depict them in stereotypical situations, relationships, roles, or personalities.

  4. Costly & Limited Payment Options: Stock footage can become expensive if you're buying clips on a per-credit basis. It becomes more costly when content creators have to pay for individual clips on top of the already limited options of Black representation.


Read why industry demand for Black stock footage is stronger than ever


"$10 Billion In Revenue On The Table Each Year"

"By stifling Black talent throughout the film and TV industry ecosystem—and at every step of the content-development process—Hollywood is leaving at least $10 billion in revenue on the table each year. Achieving racial equity will make the film and TV sector more just and more profitable."

Source: McKinsey & Company

Ads Can Reinforce Racial Stereotypes Or Change It

"Advertising has the power to reinforce racial stereotypes or to help change them. For decades the ad industry has failed to represent Black Americans both within the workforce and in the ads we create. Brands and agencies need to do better - hiring and promoting to leadership roles to shape the work, representing race accurately and consistently in advertising, positively reflecting Black culture, amplifying Black stories and taking a loud stance against racism."

Source: Burns Group

Gen X & Millennials Want More Diversity In Ads

"Nine in ten of Generation X (91%) and Millennial (92%) marketers believe they are expected to use more diverse representation in their campaigns, and 88% of Generation X and 90% of Millennials believe that this helps a brand’s reputation."

Source: Diversity Journal


Our Solution

Black Stock Footage will offer a user-friendly video content sourcing tool to deliver high-quality video clips featuring the everyday Black experience. Our two-sided marketplace platform will be a creative solution for both videographers to upload footage and subscribers to download this footage to include Black representation in their creative projects. We are creating a stronger supply of melanin-focused footage to meet the even greater demand for video content that elevates Black people, voices, and stories.

  1. Better Visibility & Representation: We are using our stock footage platform to demystify what it visually means to be Black. We prioritize curating and creating video content that features people across the world who identify with the African diaspora.

  2. Full Access: With your support, we are creating a robust, user-friendly, and fully functional platform that gives video content creators access to melanin-focused stock footage. Our platform also offers professional videographers access to a new stream of income with a simple straightforward compensation plan.

  3. High-Quality Footage: At Black Stock Footage, we will offer production-ready, engaging, and story-driven stock footage that highlights stories of Black people. Downloadable graded video clips will be available in both HD and 4K formats to ensure that content is up-to-date with industry standards for video creators.

  4. Affordable For All: With affordable monthly and yearly subscription packages, subscribers will have unlimited access to royalty-free stock footage and universal Black Stock Footage licensing for personal or commercial use. Instead of purchasing multiple clips individually, subscribers will have full access to Black Stock Footage's growing library of video clips that focus on Black people, cultures, and activities.

How It Benefits You

Black Stock Footage offers affordable monthly and yearly subscription plans that make Black representation, visibility, and access more cost-effective for video content creators. Members will enjoy an array of features that include a robust search function, related searches, clip previewing on hover, customized folders, history, and more.

We also offer a monetary compensation plan for our stock footage contributors and videographers with a user-friendly platform backend to upload and organize content for submission. In addition, every contributor will have a unique profile on the website with their clips and storylines displayed.

We need supporters who believe in our social impact and the positive change that our company can make for Black representation. Join us and help us change the world of stock footage to enhance Black representation for the current and next generation of content creators.


video Content  Creators

  • Access to high-quality stock footage of Black people for your creative projects

  • Unlimited downloads of HD and 4K stock footage

  • Universal license for personal or commercial use

  • Every clip is part of a storyline for easier visual storytelling

  • Monthly and yearly subscription packages with full access to all of the story-driven footage


Contributors & VIDEOGRAPHERS

  • Create high-quality videos for content creators, businesses, and corporations to download

  • Earn money every time your content is downloaded at competitive prices

  • Guide the storytelling of your footage with storylines

  • Your footage is completely yours & you retain copyrights

Happy Couple

Campaign supporters

  • Opportunity to support an innovative and fresh platform that values the visibility of Black people

  • Get an insider's look into what it takes for the Black Stock Footage team to manifest this vision into a reality

  • Support the Black Stock Footage team in building a social impact company with a mission to highlight Black people worldwide


Key Platform Features:


Community-Driven Authentic Storytelling

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Growing Library of Black Representation


Royalty-Free & Graded HD / 4K Footage


Every Clip is a Part of a Storyline

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Unlimited Downloads


Monthly / Yearly Subscription Plans


Our motto represents the individual and collective perspectives that melanin creates amongst all Black people around the world.


Help Us Launch Our Startup!

Imani is a professional videographer, photographer, entrepreneur, and founder of the micro-creative agency, Imani Lee Creative. Imani noticed an extreme lack of stock footage representing Black people, cultures, and activities. He saw an opportunity to create a new stock footage company with a laser-focused social impact that would accomplish two main goals:

  1. Significantly increase accessibility and visibility of Black representation in the stock footage and media industry by using our stock video platform as a collective library of downloadable video clips

  2. Educate people about the hues, cultures, activities, and phenotypes of the many Black communities, while empowering people with a deeper awareness and recognition of the individual, societal, and global influence of Black cultures around the world


Now, Imani is embarking on a mission to bring this company to life with the help of Co-Founder Zebrina, a communications specialist and former multimedia journalist. She joined Black Stock Footage to help drive innovation through creative and impactful storytelling. Zebrina wants to use the Black Stock Footage platform to help collect and share the stories, talents, and everyday activities within different Black communities across the world.