Our stock footage platform is 100% focused on Black people, cultures, and activities.

This is our first crowdfunding campaign raising funds to launch our own stock footage platform that offers unlimited downloads of story-driven, melanin-focused video clips showcasing numerous hues, activities, cultures, and phenotypes within different Black communities across the world.

We are committed to amplifying the visual narrative of Black people by increasing representation, visibility, and accessibility. We are empowering the current and next generation of content creators with better access to stock footage that amplifies Black representation. Help us bring this vision to life!

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Black Stock Footage is a tech startup creating social impact through our melanin-focused stock footage platform to amplify Black representation in digital media.

Our Social Impact

We are empowering the current & next generation of video content creators with access to stock footage that amplifies Black representation.

The social challenge we are addressing is the lack of Black representation in the digital media industry, specifically with high-quality stock footage. Our solution combines modern technology and visual learning that creates opportunities for using the power of video to:

  1. Dispel cultural biases of what Black representation looks like in terms of hue, phenotype, and experiences

  2. Empower people with visual imagery that showcases Black representation in everyday activities, jobs, and experiences

  3. Create better access and large scale visibility of Black representation in the digital media space

About Our Platform

Our tech platform features the dynamic range of melanin through cinematic, story-driven videos that showcase the authentic experiences of everyday Black people across different socioeconomic and cultural backgrounds.


Our content and stories are driven by two key features: authentic storytelling and melanin.

Key Platform Features:


Community-Driven Authentic Storytelling

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Growing Library of Black Representation


Royalty-Free & Graded HD / 4K Footage


Every Clip is a Part of a Storyline

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Unlimited Downloads


Monthly / Yearly Subscription Plans

Read why industry demand for Black stock footage is stronger than ever

To Enter Diverse Markets Requires More Diverse Ads

"69% of Black consumers say they are more likely to purchase from a brand whose advertising positively reflects their race/ethnicity [in advertising]... If you seek to enter diverse markets, your organization must become the market you seek."

Source: Google's Think With Google

"Diversity Impacts Brands' Bottom Lines"

"Most Americans (61%) find diversity in advertising important. In fact, 38% of consumers said they are more likely to trust brands that show more diversity in their ads... This means a brand’s bottom line can be impacted by its willingness or unwillingness to include diversity within its advertising campaigns."

Source: Adobe Inc.'s 2019 Diversity in Advertising Study

Higher Ad Recall For Ads With More Representation

"Online campaigns with more diverse representation tend to have higher ad recall compared with campaigns featuring a single traditional representation. And in more than 90% of the simulations we ran, diverse representation was the winning strategy for ad recall lift."

Source: Facebook For Business

We're launching our first crowdfunding campaign to raise seed capital to grow our stock footage platform that offers unlimited downloads of story-driven video clips of Black people, cultures, and phenotypes worldwide.

Other companies are just starting to pivot to include 10%, 15%, and 20% of diversity in their stock footage library. Black Stock Footage is the #1 stock footage platform 100% focused on Black people, cultures, and activities. We are providing video content creators with robust melanin-focused stock footage that makes Black representation easier to include in video projects!

Our goal is to be the first major player in the stock footage industry to create a platform solely focused on Black representation, catering our library of video clips to video content creators, media, and advertising companies. Help us make this collective vision come true!

Our Campaign



Stock video clips showcasing everyday Black life

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